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Let us help you get your storage under control!  


Elfa Planning / Design Services

Does your closet need a refresh?  Do you need shelving in your garage or basement?  Looking for shelving or a desk solution for your home office or living area? We can help.  All Assembled can work with you to plan and design your space using Elfa sleving.  Step 1 is to measure your closet or wall spaces and discuss how to maximize your storage areas. Through our discussion we will come up with a plan to get the most of your closet or storage space. 

Already have a plan?  We can install your desgn!

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Elfa and Metro Shelving Installation

We are professional Elfa Installers and have over 17 years experience installing Elfa shelving systems and InterMetro shelving.  Choose us with confidence that we will install your Elfa storage system quickly, and securely.  

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