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  • Adam Tate

How to repair a defective Walker Edison TV Stand

Walker Edison TV Stand assembly, River Vale, NJ
Walker Edison TV Stand

Flat pack manufacture "Walker Edison", makes some great looking, innovative products, however what we have found recently is that with two recent TV Stand assemblies of similar design, the door hinges lack any lateral adjustment to prevent the doors from scraping at the bottom. However, we came up with a quick hack to get them adjusted and working right. It requires shimming the hinges at the bottom section of each door.

The hack is accomplished by using three strips of ridged cardboard to pad out the hinge plate on the interior of the cabinet. (See image attached)

Arrow indicating section of lower hinge to shim which will adjust the doors and allow them to operate properly
Walker Edison TV stand hinge

As you can see in the image, the arrow is pointing to the bottom hinge. Installed behind are three thick strips of cardboard, properly sized to shim / pad the bottom hinge bracket to shift the door towards the right. The opposite door at the same hinge will be shimmed to shift the door to the left. This simple hack will align your doors properly and prevent rubbing and scratching!

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