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  • Adam Tate

IKEA Delivery Issues - Most Common Problems.

Congrats, you spent all day at IKEA and set up delivery for your new furniture. Now comes delivery day and a list of problems. Don't worry, follow our suggestions and you will be ready for us to come and assemble!

Products in Multiple Boxes:

Some items are packaged in multiple packages such as beds and large dressers. Do not presume that the delivery men know how many boxes are for each item. At the store, take a picture of all the boxes. Multiple boxes are labeled in small print and have a big yellow number indicating what box it is (see our examples below). Make sure you get all your boxes off the truck.

Bed Slats / Bed Bases:

IKEA Beds are sold with the slatted bed bases sold separately. These two often go missing once the truck pulls away. You have to purchase these bed bases at the store. IKEA calls slatted bed bases "SULTAN" and usually followed by a second name that is the type. The two most common are "SULTAN LUROY" and "SULTAN LONSET". The LUROY come in a bound bundle of wood. The LONSET are in long thin boxes. Be sure you get your bed base or you wont be able to use your mattress and box frame till you do.

Bed Mid Beams:

Another common item missed when purchasing at IKEA and receiving from the delivery is the mid beam that is called SKORVA Mid Beam. All IKEA beds need "Slats" and a "Mid Beam". Make sure this item gets to your home.

Damaged Boxes:

Never, ever accept a box with a tear, puncture, replacement tape on it!! Refuse the item and request a replacement or speak with a supervisor. Take photos of the box. Take photos of the delivery man, take all the info you can during the delivery and have the delivery individual sign and leave you a copy of the delivery manifest that they took the box (s) back (be sure to return the entire product - all boxes for that item).

The delivery window:

IKEA's delivery service provides a several hour delivery window. Do not plan on them being early, always expect a delay. You will be there all day waiting and sometimes a second day. Be patient. Plan for the unexpected and you wont be frustrated. Call at us 201-960-5489 once all your items have been delivered, all items are accounted for and nothing is damaged. We will be there on time and ready to get your furniture together quickly and competently.


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To obtain a quote for IKEA products please send us the 8 digit article numbers and the quantity of each item in the message area.

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